Benefits of the Home Cleaning Industry

How does home cleaning offer so much flexibility and freedom? It’s a combination of the industry, the type of service, and the way we structure business operations.

  • Steady, recurring revenue
  • Most of our customers have their home cleaned every week or twice a month, all year long. This provides a very steady revenue stream which reduces worry and allows better planning.
  • No inventory or perishable food.
  • In the home cleaning business, you never have to deal with stocking inventory or keeping food from going bad. Not only do you have less overhead, you have less stress and less work.
  • Free nights, weekends? Yes, please!
  • Unlike other service franchises, this is a business for people who want to have free time and enjoy it with family, friends, or just by themselves.
  • Affordable start-up costs
  • Compared to other industries, a house cleaning business is a downright deal. Similar income potential at a fraction of the cost.
  • Low Competitive Risk
  • Unlike a retail or food business, a competitor opening next door won’t affect your business. You go to your customers, and that personal relationship inspires trust.
  • A product always in demand — Time
  • Time is really what you’ll be providing your customers. Your service will free people to pursue what they want. And more free time will never go out of fashion.

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